New York Islanders Updated Drinking Game

Being an Islander fan is not easy.  Thanks to the Blue Line Banters good friend Dan (@DanDanNoodles78), he has made it easier to watch the game by developing a drinking game. (Updated for the 2016/2017 season)

1. Butchie says “Chip and Chase”

2. Butchie calls anyone other than Brendan, “Brendan”

3. Butchie says “Dirty area,” or “Fortuitous”

4. Butch uses the word “nifty”

5. Shannon is wearing a large necklace

6. Stan sings to Shannon

7. Anyone uses the words “battle level”

8. Isles blow a three goal lead

9. Stan makes a pre 1960’s reference

10. DP is wearing an odd suit

11. The SUV is mentioned by the other teams fans on Twitter

12. Al Trautwig blocks you on Twitter

13. Empty the fridge if Trautwig calls your mother’s house after 11pm looking to yell at you

14. Butch destroys someones name or combines two players name into a brand new one

15. The pre game starts with a shot of the two teams’ pucks in the team store or the back of someones jersey walking around the concourse

16. The coliseum Barclays is so empty that you can hear the Blue and Orange Army singing

17. Butch uses a word that is out of context or doesn’t exist

18. Fischlers fan of the game has a heavy Long Island accent

19. The opposing team scores with less than a minute to go in the period (@TheRayMencio)

20. MSG Network is having technical difficulties or the game is on an SD channel


**Please note this is just for fun and we here at BLB in no way encourage the abuse of whatever beverage you are using.  Please drink responsibly**


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