PA Parenteau, Healthy Scratch? Or On The Move…

It has come out that PA Paranteau is a healthy scratch tonight. Since his return from injury 3 games ago, he’s had two assists and didn’t look to have any setbacks. Patrick Roy said he’s just giving PA time to rest, while Alex Tanguay gets back into the lineup, but you have to think of ulterior motives here. Players who would normally be in the lineup without question, being scratched this time of year with no real reasoning behind it, usually means one thing. Is PA being moved?

After signing a 4 year/$16 mil contract in the offseason last year, Pierre was the Avalanche’s leading goal scorer, and he looks to have some good developing chemistry with blazing fast rookie Nate MacKinnon. He’s been a great addition for Colorado, and despite just missing 10 games from a knee injury, he doesn’t look very affected out there. After all he did play nearly 18 minutes on Friday vs Florida. Rumors have been swirling about Montreal having a possible interest in the Quebec native.

It seems Colorado is searching for help on the blue line, and Montreal is looking for help on the wing. Montreal has had some serious problems lately and need to add some scoring to their arsenal, and they have a plethora of D talent/prospects that they may be willing to part with for the 30 year old winger. Montreal obviously has to re-up PK this year, which is a no brainer, and he’s going to want big money, meaning Montreal might want to move a current contract. My guess would be Parenteau for Emelin. Its a tough choice for Montreal to give up Alexei, but besides Josh Georges, Emelin is the only other player signed for multiple years. Even though Emelin is younger, I think Montreal values Georges more and would probably want to keep him.


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