Rapid Reaction: The Elephant In The Room

What are you first thoughts when someone mentions Devan Dubnyk to you? Probably something in the realm of him being arguably the worst goalie in the league? Is that fair? Ok well Devan Dubnyk, and a lack of defense is why the Edmonton Oilers are the Edmonton Oilers. We’ll see how they do now after shipping him off to Nashville, but having a below average goalie in net for your team is the number one recipe for failure for an NHL team, can we agree on that also? Now if you’re not an Islander fan, forgive me because its rapid reaction time, but when is Garth Snow going to open his eyes and see that Kevin Poulin is not the answer? I bring up Dubnyk because of this one huge similarity:

29 GS 11Ws 17Ls GAA 3.36 SV% .894  Devan Dubnyk

25 GS 11Ws 15Ls GAA 3.16 SV% .894  Kevin Poulin

Before you start with the experience argument, just save it. He has been “in” the NHL for four years now, it should take one, MAYBE two years to realize the talent you have in a goalie, and whether you should move forward with him, or cut your losses and go different ways. Over the past 4 seasons, the offensive talent in the West has been a lot stronger than the talent in the East, and, as bad as they are, the Islander’s defense is better than Edmonton’s. People seem to get caught up on dramatic saves, and that clouds their overall judgement at the end of the day. The shear fact that Poulin loses his stick on average 3 times a game is ridiculous by itself. In my knowledge, I don’t think he’s been beat yet when he was stickless, but that is such a disadvantage alone, and it will start to happen.

If Garth was so adamant about making a trade the first couple of weeks into the season because he wasn’t satisfied with being a .500 team, then what is holding him back now. And yes, it is that easy to get a goalie, Scrivins just went for a 3rd round pick.



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