One step forward… two steps back

If you have pets, I am sure you have done this before.  You dangle a toy in front of their face, and right when they are about to get it, you take it away.  You’ll do this several times until you or the animal get bored and one of you eventually walks away defeated.  Welcome to my love hate relationship with the New York Islanders.  I have an abusive relationship with them where everyday I get emotionally and mentally abused, sometimes even physically due to my frustration with them.  But I always end up saying “they’re not so bad. They didn’t mean to do it.  Oh I love them so.”  They’re the type of team that has you waking up at 3:30 am because all you can do is ask yourself why… and then blog about it.

159739593_stdThe Islanders play this mind fuck of a game where they give you this false sense of security with a one goal lead, or the recent favorite 2 goal come back with a third to take the lead.  You become all giddy with excitement and feel just enough confidence to tweet something nasty to the other teams fans.  In your mind you know it’s a bad idea but you say maybe… just maybe… you won’t have to scramble back in time to delete it.  Then, like the game you play with your pet, when that toy is about to  be had… BAM… it’s taken away… and usually with less than .30 to go in the period.

What’s the issue?  It’s the owner.  No no it’s Garth Snow.  Oh hell it’s Jack Capuano.  Tavares doesn’t have any help.  The team is “rebuilding.”  They are so young and inexperienced.  The injury bug.  Our defense is shaky.  We need a goalie.  Jesus hates Long Island.  I don’t know any more who to point at.  The scary thing is… I feel the team thinks the same way.  When you get to this point of the season, every single point counts.  Last nights game against the Bruins was a tough one to watch.  With each goal the Bruins scored, the cat and mouse game began with the Boston lead, Islander tie, Boston lead Islander tie.  Eventually with each Boston goal, the Islander balloon deflated just enough to leave fans standing there holding a string with a piece of rubber just dragging on the floor.

Kyle Okposo said “We came out sluggish, but I think we had a real good second period.”  Im sorry, but what about the other 40 minutes?  This may sound far fetched but here’s another person to add to the blame train.  What about the athletic trainers and conditioning team?  Why can’t the Islanders sustain a 60 minute intensity?  If they are such a young team, why aren’t they keeping up with every other team?  Hey Sean Donellan… I am talking about you.  I mean we basically blamed everyone… lets add his name to the pile.

I think it’s safe to say that Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium, we should see the Professor in net.  Is their any playoff hockey hope left this season?  My heart says always… but in reality, I don’t think we’re conditioned to have that happen.



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