Want to be a part of the Blue Line Banter staff?


We’re looking for contributors to our site.  In order to keep the site interesting and fresh, we need more contributors.  Here are the qualifications:

You must love hockey

Thats really it.  There are no “deadlines,” no maximum amount of posts needed.  We’re just looking for a variety of passionate hockey fans, who want to vent, discuss, debate, and inform.  If you are interested in having some fun, and joining our staff, send us a direct message on twitter @bluelinebanter or comment on this post with your email.  We will send you a link that will allow you access to the author’s page where you will be able to write your own post at your convenience.  

We hope you are enjoying the site.  If you don’t… send us your email and start making the site even better with your own ideas!



      • An average isn’t a guess, it’s a pretty exact number. I just find it hard to believe you guys are in your mid to late 20’s. From the grammar to the content of the posts, I hope that’s not that case.


      • Glad to know you’re a fan! If you want to write for us and improve our vernacular feel free. We talk English good.


    • Absolutely! We’ll send the link to your gmail account. Happy posting! And if you’re going tonight bundle up… I am wearing about 7 layers and I am still going to freeze! LGI


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