Hockey – It’s Absolutely Beautiful

I’m home today after pulling a stellar impression of Marv from Home Alone slipping on ice.  Yes I know he slipped on some sort of goo from Duncan’s Toy Shop, but I digress.  I was watching a clip that one of the other writers from BLB posted when Thomas Tatar scored in the game after his father passed away.  I began to get a little emotional from the gesture he made towards his father in the sky looking over him, and how powerful that moment was.  I then stumbled upon a similar story about another NHL elite scoring in a game after a loved one passed away.

Patrick Kane talking about his late grandfather.
Patrick Kane talking about his late grandfather.

Patrick Kane is known as a big partier in the league.  As BLB writer Patiohimself put it in a past post about Kane:

“Drinking, fighting, and winning Stanley Cups. Kane has been the subject of a lot of negative publicity, mostly just getting drunk and partying, which I have absolutely no problem with. Hes just embracing old school hockey.”

Then there’s the other side of Patrick Kane who reminds us that this magnificent hockey player/party animal is really human like you and me.  Kane’s grandfather, Donald Kane, passed away Monday night right before the Blackhawks hit the ice against the LA Kings.  What does Kane do?  Scores two goals and nets an assist.  These quotes by Kane, found on For The Win (USA Today) explain how close Kane was to his grandfather.

Kane broke down in tears after the game as he told reporters how much his grandfather meant to him:

He was one of my great friends growing up, and [it’s] just a really sad day. It was important to get the win, but anytime you get someone taken away from you that’s so close, that means so much – it’s tough to hear that right before the game.

Continuing to wipe away tears, Kane talked to about the bond the two shared:

“He lived next door to me my whole childhood. We’d do things like play cards and hang out by the pool throughout the summers. He came to a lot of my hockey games, but more importantly, for him, he was worried about grades and being a good kid. It was a tough day, for sure.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why hockey, among other sports, really is amazing.  Tragedy strikes and these athletes combat it with a sense of maturity and professionalism.  My heart goes out to both Tatar and Kane who lost someone very close to them.


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