Its a slow day here at BLB, so I figured I would just share with you guys my top five favorite hockey videos on YouTube. Besides, I need something else to watch other than the Penguins vs Sabres. By the way, can we talk about NBCSN’s Wednesday Night Rivalry games? Since when is Pittsburgh vs Buffalo a rivalry. The next “rivalry game” coming up after the Olympics is Boston vs Buffalo, followed by the Kings vs Colorado. Come on NBC, get your shit together. Anyway, in no particular order,

Just a man in complete control. Taking over the game from the very first shift in a series that in my opinion was one of the greatest in playoff history. The goals, the fights, the talent. If you missed this series, I don’t know, find a torrent or something.

Isles fans remember this one. There’s a reason Nassau Coliseum is called the loudest building in the league.

Appropriately titled, this is arguably the greatest moment in hockey history. After 22 seasons, it took Borque’s final season before retirement to finally get to hoist the cup. The pure emotion that moment Sakic handed it right to him, if you don’t get chills watching that, check your pulse.

Kovalev’s destruction of Darcy Tucker is one of the most joyful videos one can watch.

The beginning of my all time favorite athlete’s career, Peter Forsberg. Winning Olympic gold for your country versus Canada at the ripe age of 20 with that move. So cocky confident it hurts. The overhead shot of that goal went on to become a famous stamp in Sweden.

Yea I know that’s six videos, but I threw in this one for good measure. I forgot about it till I saw it pop up on the side of YouTube. Modano’s last game in Dallas. Just shows that when emotion takes over, the will to win is unstoppable.


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