When does the pain end?

I am sitting here, watching my Islanders get smashed by the Blue Jackets and I am doing everything I can to not break things and also be as unbiased as possible via our twitter feed. But honestly all I can think about are the 7 stages of grief. If you are a fan of a consistent winning team, you may not go through these stages, but as an Isles, Mets, Giants fan, I suffer through them every year. Let me explain:

Stage 1 – Shock and denial  


You sit there, watching the game, and you say to yourself… no way. They will come back. They will make that epic come back that people will talk about years from now. You say it so many times that you begin to convince yourself to the point that you are now making bets with your friends. You log onto your betting site and put your mortgage payment down on a prop that they will make that come back… it’s going to happen… it has to happen…

Stage 2 – Pain and guilt


That shock has begun to wear off because time is ticking down. The other teams fans start taunting your goalie by chanting his name. Your teams announcers are reminiscing about random memories of … well… anything other than this game. You start to check your twitter and see your teams hashtag riddled with tweets containing obscenities and death threats. It isn’t even a game that has playoff implications, but you care that much. You waited all day to sit down with a nice cold beer and watch your team and they do this to you. The bastards… how could they…

Stage 3 – Anger and Bargaining


This team sucks. Bunch of bums! A**holes, they don’t deserve to be on the ice. It’s now time to play “Monday morning quarterback” and fake general manager/coach. Who should sit, who needs to be off of a line. The constant shoulda woulda coulda flowing through your brain. Why me? Why this team? Why do I spend all of my time devoted to a bunch of millionaires skating on ice playing a kids game? How much did I drink? This team made me do it!!!!!! I’m canceling my cable subscription and burning my jerseys. That’s it. I’m done. I’m not watching them tomorrow night…F*ck it!!!!!

Stage 4 – Depression, Reflection, Loneliness


Now this stage is really after a lot of drinks or just after a lot of seasons of the same BS. But you find yourself just constantly replaying a certain play in your head. Having to face your co-workers tomorrow who are ready to playfully tease you. But you aren’t ready. You aren’t there yet. You wake up the next morning, hoping it was a bad dream. You check your phone and the standings… Ugh that one point could have moved you to a playoff spot. This is how it ends… not with a bang… but with an overtime loss 😦

Stage 5 – The upward turn


You get it. It’s one game. No big deal… dust yourself off and try again (you have that song in your head? I do too.) You are still feeling the ridicule and hate and continue your voyeurism by looking at the other teams Twitter feed… but it’s ok… you can get through this… I know it ::boop on the nose::

Stage 6 – Reconstruction and working through


You get that giddy feeling again because your team will bounce back. They have a game tonight and you are ready. You clock out of work and have an extra bounce in your step because you are meeting your buddies at the bar and are ready to chant and scream. You know that they have disappointed you in the past but, they are your baby. Your child. You can’t leave them in desperate times. They need you… go to them… go….

Stage 7 – Acceptance and Hope


It’s 7:00pm and the puck is about to drop. You have your jersey on, and a new outlook on this game. Yesterday was a fluke. The boys are ready to go, they had their pep talk and you know that this game will be different. It has to be. It will be. It’s like yesterday happened for a reason… to win this one.

Currently there is 30 seconds left in the second period and the Islanders are losing 5-0 so I am currently in stage three… Onto bottle of wine numero dos!


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